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Sunday, November 22, 2015

win a ceramic skillet



Banda said...

Great post ! Made it with turkey breast (keep kosher, so no pork) and it was absolutely delicious. I used the same technique of slicing in half and scoring, and it cooked to juicy perfection. Served with white rice and your Pickled Ginger & Asian Pear Coleslaw...a wonderful meal. I also love cook!
Thanks !

Geoma Loons said...

I have a creda solarspeed ceramic stove which I smashed by dropping a roasting hot casserole dish onto it. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement or if it would be cheaper to get a new cooker?

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Rita Watson said...

Great post!If I could take only ONE cooking appliance to the proverbial desert island, this would be it. It makes the most amazing bone broth--clear, gelled, delicious and just like my grandma used to make.Thanks!