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I am a retired teacher with time on my hands. I love to cook and bake. For the past eight years my hobby has been entering recipe contests. I have done very well and have been to several cook/bake offs although I have never won a grand prize. The ititials of my blog CCC are the same as the site where I get contest information, Cooking Contest Central (CCC). While there are 1000's of food blogs that post recipes this blog will review other cooking blogs.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hosted by Elizabeth in Minnesota Cooking In Cathedral Hill http://cookingincathedralhill.blogspot.com has a large number of recipes which she has been posting for the past two years. Recipes fall into several categories.

While at Cooking in Cathedral Hill I stumbled upon a link tht looked very interesting.. No Eating Out in New York http://noeatingoutinny.com is hosted by Cathy in Brooklyn NY. All of her recipes are original and I think you will enjoy taking a look at them.

If I do not get to posting during the next few days I wish everyone a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

I will, however, post the winner of my contest on Saturday, January 3, 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Hosted by Medena from somewhere in the United States, Cafe Chocolada http://cafechocolada.blogspot.com/ presents a wide assortment, mostly dessert, recipes.

Some good "to try" recipes here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Stephen of Stephen Cooks http://www.stephencooks.com is currently taking a rest from posting recipes to pursue another cooking related topic. See his last post.

While he is gone use the time to go through his archives for some great recipes.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am a proud charterer member of Cooking Contest Central http://www.contestcooking.com/ CCC is a site that lists cooking contests. Right now there are over 100 contests into 5 categories -- deadline contests, ongoing contests, kids contests, other contests and professional contests.

Contests themselves fall into two categories cook/bakeoffs and contests where you submit recipes. In cook/bakeoffs you submit a recipe and from the submitted recipes finalists are selected to participate in a cook/bakeoff. These are fantastic. I have been to the Pillsbury Bakeoff, Build A Better Burger, IGA, and several local cookoffs. Most of the contests are, in fact, NOT bake/cookoffs. In these contests you simply submit recipe(s) online or snailmail. The sponsor selects the recipes they like as winners and send the prize. I have won, among other prizes 5 KitchenAid Mixers, a food processor and a ton of cookbooks. A couple of subcatgories have arisen in the past few years: (1) contests which require a photograph and (2) contests which require voting.

In addition to the contest lists CCC boasts several very active forums. This is where we post our wins, ask questions about contesting and beg for votes. Although we all enter the same contests we are the fist to offer "high fives" when another CCC'er places in a contest. We are an online family.

Most CCC members are wonderful cooks and bakers. In 2006, 35+ CCC members were among the 100 finalists in the 2006 Pillsbury BakeOff. The grand prize winner, Anna Ginsberg is a CCC member. And 3 of the 4 category winners were from CCC. I forget what the total was for the 2008 Bakeoff. There are always CCC members among the finalists at BBB, National Beef, National Chicken and all other cook/bakeoffs.

Many CCC members have blogs which I will be reviewing in the days, week and months to come.

CCC is a subscription web site. For the last four years the subscription fee has b een $25.00 a year.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Because most retailers, including online book sellers, have had such a dismal holiday season you are apt to see greatly reduced prices.


Another of my favorite cookbooks is Great Coffee Cakes, Sticky Buns, Muffins and More by Carole Wlter http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw_0_10?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=great+coffee+cakes+sticky+buns+muffins+%26+more&sprefix=Great+coff This is a great book with lots of good recipes.

Now I'll share secret shared with me by Anna Ginsberg. When you click on this book or any other on Amazon you will see a link to new and used copies. Often you can find a new copy at a greatly reduced price because there is a tear in the dust jacket or a remainder mark. A piece of tape repairs tear. I don't know about you but my cookbooks live in a bookshelf. A remainder mark across the bottom does not bother me, especially if I can get a $40.00 book for $9.00.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tojump start my new blog I am having a cookbook givaway. I have an extra copy of Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home To yours. It is new but it does have a remainder mark on the bottom of the pages.

In my opinion, this is the best cookbook ever written. There is not a single recipe in the book that I would not make. There is an entire blog, Tuesdaya with Dorie, devoted to this blog. (I will review the blog after the first of the year).

To be eligible for the drawing leave a comment with your name and email before 11:59 Eastern on December 31, 2008. I will pick a random winner on 1/3/09 and contact you to get shipping information. I will also post the winner here.


Hanna Kiminsky, who has written a number of cookbooks including My Sweet Vegan, is the host of Bittersweet http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/. Bitttersweet is a new blog to me but not the blogosphere. Nicole from Baking Bites suggested it to me.

Most of the recipes on Bittersweet are vegan. Here you see that healthy can look and taste good. However, you can easily convert a recipe to nonvegan status. For instance, substiute regular milk for soy milk.

Be sure to check out the archives for some wonderful recipes.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hosted by Robin Sue Big Red Kitchen www.bigredkitchen.com is an excellent general food and entertaining food blog. When you get to the home page click on the recipe box link at the top of the page to get to several categories of recipes.

Thanks for a great blog, Robin.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hosted by m good cyberbuddy, Joe, Culinary In The Desert http://desertculinary.blogspot.com is one of the best blogs I have ever seen. Joe started out in the midwest, moved to the desert southwest and back to the midwest. Joe posts almost every day, usually between 9:00 - 10:00 PM Estern. His posts on the weekend are in the midafternoon.

On most days Joe posts two recipes -- one sweet and one savory.

Do yourself a favor. Pour yourself a cup or glass of whatever, sitdown in front of your computer, go to Joe's blog and explore the archives. You will find some of the best recipes and pictures you have ever seen.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I bet most of you think that all Godiva does is sell chocolate. Wrong!! Godiva http://www.godiva.com has many, many recipes in several categories. Although all of the recipes call for Godiva chocolate you can substitute any brands like chocolate. Just be sure to use the same type of chocolate. Sweet for sweet, etc.


For those of you who live in Southern California, Surfas, a Chef's Paradise is located at the corner of W. Washington and National Blvd in Culver City. There is even a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of whatever and a pastry while you are shopping.

For the rest of us there is Surfasonline http://www.surfasonline.com You can buy almost everything cooking and baking related at Surfas. There prices are very low.

I love the Parchment Paper sheets which are cut to fit most baking (cookie) sheets. I found some cute measuring spoons @ $2.25 per set. I bought a dozen sets and used them as little Christmas gifts for my local cooking buddies. Check out this site!!!! There is also a telephone number if you need more help.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


If you shop online and use chocolate you will want to checkout Chocosphere http://chocosphere.com You can purchase many different brands of chocolate.


Ezra Poundcake http://www.ezrapoundcake.com hosted by Rebecca is one of the best all around blogs out there. There is a nice mix of sweet and savory recipes.

Rebecca and her husband, Jeff, live in Nashville. They are the parents of a bulldog and a cat --- both named Henry. Rebecca spent 10 years as a professional pastry chef. Just look at some of her recipes and photogrphs and you will see some of the fruits of her labor.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Cookie Madness http://cookimadness.net is hosted by Anna Ginsberg. For those of you who don't know, Anna was the grand prize winner of the 2006 Pillsbury Bakeoff. I was there but my recipe did not hold a candle to Ann's recipe.

Anna's blog is mostly cookies, cakes and other sweet things. But every once-in-awhile Anna slips in a savory recipe.

Anna posts almost every day and I have never made a bad recipe from Cookie Madness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is a neat little blog. Ok, it isn't actually a blog. http://www.whatscookingamerica.net/Q-A/newspaper.htm is actually a day-by-day listing of many food sections and columns. You will find some great recipes in the columns.

Make yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever) and explore some of the columns. FoodDay published on Tuesday in the Portland Oragionan is in my opinion the best food section in the country, Take a look and I am sure you will agree.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hosted by Nicole Westen, Baking Bites www.bakingbites.com is one of the nicest recipe and food blogs you can visit. In addition to posting new recipes almost every day, sometimes more than one, Nicole provides information about new and interesting baking products as well as cookbook reviews. Several times a week Nicole features Bytes from Other Blogs. In this feature Nicole searches the net for interesting recipes posted on other blogs. She provides a link to both the recipe and the blog. It is a good way to find both some great recipes and food blogs.

I am sure you will enjoy Baking Bites.


Welcome to my new blog Cybercook's Cooking Corner. There are 100's even 1000's of blogs that post recipes and other cooking information. While I am a good cook and a good baker I do not have enough original recipes to sustain a recipe blog. Mine would get lost in this sea of recipe blogs.

So, Cybercook's Cooking Corner will focus its attention to reviewing other cooking blogs. I will post these reviews in a random fashion. So, if you have a cooking blog please do not be offended if your blog is not one of the first posted. I have enough blogs on my favorites list to last several months. If you have a cooking blog you would like me to review send me information at cybercook@ameritech.net

I hope to post two or three times each week.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.