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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have never asked my readers for a favor and I never will unless it is important.

One of my great pleasures is corresponding with our troops in far away places. It brings me great joy to read my cards and letters from thesee people.

One of the young women I corresponded with has returned home from Iraq to Oklahoma. We sitll, and always will, exchange letters.

She sent me a note last night from her requesting my help. There are two young women who have recently been deployed to Iraq. Both are very homesick and both are very scared. She asked if I knew some people who would send cards, notes and/or letters. Both are on the same base and both have the same APO. So if you have a few minutes and a first class stamp(s) could you please send one or both of these gals a few kind words.

SGT Candace Westlund SGT Louisa Babcock

C/7 - 158 AVN
Joint Base Valad
APO AE 90391

Thanks in advance if you can help.

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Recipe Girl said...

Count me in Carole!!! I am an Okie (transplanted to Seattle) but love our troops and will send my well wishes their way!!!!