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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


For many, many years I struggled with Adobe Photoshop. I know it is the gold standard of photo editing programs. However, it is very expensive and not very user friendly. I even took two courses in photoshop. While I did learn to use the few features that were important to me, the majority of the program's features went unused.

I think most of you are like me in that we need photo editing to enhance our personal pictures and/or edit pictures for our blogs. Anna Ginsberg of Cookie Madness alerted me to a photo editing program that is perfect for most of us http://www.picnik.com/ The downloaded version of picnik is free. However, there is an enhanced version that is $25.00 per year. The enhanced version has, among other features, more fonts, more collage layouts and the ability to upload unlimited numbers of photos at one time. Think about it, the initial cost of Photoshop is $700+ and there are no upgrades. If they upgrade the program, you have to purchase an upgrade version. So I urge you, if you can afford it, purchase the enhanced version of Picnik.

I create the collges which make up my blog banner with Picnik. With the provided templets it only takes a few minutes,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carole,

This is a great frugal tip. I'm going to check it out. I've been on a hiatus or would have stopped by earlier. I'm going to have fun checking out your new blog-- I linked up to you a couple of days ago if that is alright.--Lorie